DSL or Cable?

Which one is better?

Having a static IP is not important.


check to see what u get from both

upload/download speeds, tech support, is there any downloaded restrictions (1gb a month or unlimited. how many IPs u can get with having to pay for it, and price

cable is usually alittle faster then DSL in most places in the US i here from talking to other people

to be honest i dont say it really matter, get the best bang for ur buck

ask them those questions and decide or post the answers here

It really depends on your location.

DSL speed is dependent on your distance to the CO's DSLAM ... the closer you are, the higher the available speed. Sometimes the LEC will offer 2 options: basic with the lower speed or premium with the highest possible speed available.

Cable companies like Comcast have been "uncapping" speeds ... for example, my download is 3.4Mbps, up from 1.5Mbps. This is in response to DSL's typically "lower" monthly rate.

Check www.dslreports.com to determine your home's distance from the DSLAM. Then make your decision.

If your a gamer, I'd recommend DSL.  Even though you'll get slower download / upload speeds.  DSL connections generally are more consistent, so ping to gaming server are more stable.

I'm starting to dislike my Comcast Cable connection. Like zulrik said, they doubled the download speed, or at least they said they did. Since that happened I can't say that I've noticed any gains at all. In fact, it seems slower since that happened.

I used to get 60 to 80k/sec downloads from my news server and lately I can't get past 30k/sec any time of day. Some times it's as low as 10k/sec and it pisses me off. Why am I paying for Cable when my speeds aren't any better than dial up? I realize there is botlenecking during certain hours but when the service suffers that much, it's unacceptable IMO. And I know it's not my news server that is the problem because when I use it at work I get 200k/sec downloads.

Anyway, i'm guess i'm sorta venting here, but that's my two cents.

I've been loving Comcast....my connection is hauling ass since they doubled the speed.

bartos - Did you reset your modem???

I've got the extra speed, it's great.

Yep.....depends on whether you want speed or a low ping.

Cable..With DSL you are still at the mercy of the phone line.

I agree, cable is far better than DSL or Line of sight.

Here is something to consider guys.
Both connections are great, and cable has been winning the speed battle for years; but not the over all reliability battle.

Things for DSL are changing for the better. The network infrustructure for the providers is flattening out. DSL will soon be offered in speed that are not only consistant, but faster than cable because of MPLS implementation into RBOC networks. Especially in BellSouth territories. MPLS(Multi protocol label switching)will allow bandwidth to be sold in increments whatever deemed necessary. It doesn't matter if the method is frame, atm, dsl, or ethernet. The backbones are increasingly being made up of fiber, using DWDM (dense wave division multiplexing) on top of everything else. If ya want more of a technical break down, no problem. But suffice it to say, dsl is opening up, and it will become a huge part of many types of network nationwide starting now.

On a lesser not, DSL will also be getting a QoS for voice by the fourth quarter of this year. So someone, if technically astute, can set up a VoIP situation from home. DSL will also be sold to residential users with a service level guarantee, or as in its current form, best effort.

BTW, who has a link to a site that says DSL is distance sensitive? DSL is affected by distance in the sense that the DSLAM can only transmit a certain distance, and that is because of the power restraints. However in situations like that remote DSLAM's are put in place to extend the reach as well as repeaters. DSL packets do not "slow down" the further they are away from the central office. A residential voice line has three frequencies that are naturally occuring in it. Those freq's are broken up. One for voice, one for upload and one for download. The entire line runs back to the central office where the voice freq is broken off and sent out over the POT's network, and the dsl freq's are pulled on to the ATM backbone, which is riding on fiber and now moved via MPLS.

In case you were wondering, I do work for a service provider... We currently have created and unleashed a new standard in backbone networks as stated by the IEEE. I'm responsible for the technical know how of 10 account executives who sell among other things, dsl for corporate networks in the form of a proprietary IPVPN that has not been duplicated anywhere outside of our network.

With cable, you are at the mercy of how many of your neighbors are hopping on too

I've never seen a slow down with my cable connection and a whole shitload of cable trucks hit my neighborhood once the cable internet became available in my area.

__) I agree, cable is far better than DSL or Line of sight.

I got cheap optical fiber connection ($70/mon) that shars a 100Mbps line with several people in my neighborhood, averaging around 50Mbps.

hermeneus- How the hell were you able to get that?!? That's awesome!

OV1- Thanks for chiming in! I almost forgot about you. :)

If "DSL packets do not "slow down" the further they are away from the central office." why do DSL speeds slow the farther away from the CO you are? I've always wondered.

When will DSL speeds be picking up? What speeds are going to be available in the near future?

By the way, my district is implementing a CWDM fiber solution right now. Since we're fiber-rich, a DWDM solution didn't make sense. I was told by a vendor's engineer that a 64 channel WDM solution is on its way very soon!

I have cable modem and couldn't be happier..

How are ya Mr.Quinn!

A fiber rich area is the perfect place for a DWDM environment. The southeast is a prime example of that. BellSouth has soooooooo much fiber in ground, and are implementing DWDM as a matter of course, and as a tarriff'd offering to customers that need the excess bandwidth. All the while the network is flattening out because at this point, over half the BellSouth network is MPLS. It is literally getting to the point at which we are simply selling bandwidth in the increments desired. The transport method is becoming less and less important.

As to SDL speeds, well, there will be new offering by the end of 3rd quarter, or beginning of the fourth. The minimum that I know about is 3meg to the desktop Guaranteed.