DSL Question

What's up all? Long time.

I've had GRAW since it came out and have been playing heavily online. For quite a while I have been hosting games and rarely drop a game. Tonight the phone rang twice while playing and my connection dropped both times. This had never happened before tonight and I have made no changes to my network. Can anyone help me?

Do you have filters on your phones?

This is probably way too simplified, but it's my experience - my DSL (Bellsouth) is on the same line as my phone, and I'm required to have a little adapter that plugs into all the phone jacks I use. Each adapter has two labeled outlets on it, one for "phone" and one for "DSL." If I use a phone that's plugged into a DSL slot or not plugged in at all, it fucks up my internet, and half of the time the phone won't even pick up.

Naturally, all the phones in the house are plugged into an adapter, and they are plugged in the "phone" switch, and my DSL is also plugged into its corresponding switch. Once I made sure everything was connected right, no more problems....

Yeah I installed the filters on the day I got it. It's worked for months, then all of the sudden today every time the phone rings it crashes.

ttt for an answer for wasabi

TTT for answers.. I had the same problem but I called my server and it ends up I was on one of their older servers I didnt change over cuz theres a 10$ a month service charge to be on the server plus what u pay for the service itself

Okay I called the phone company and they said it was probably one of the filters. So I tried to figure out which one was the one to replace. I removed everything that was connected to the phone line except the phone cord directly to the DSL modem. Called it from my cell phone and lost connection. I have to call the phone company back tomorrow. Unless you guys know something. Thanks for the help.