DSL service for better gaming.. ?

Please recommend a DSL service to me.

I'm highly considering changing services..

My primary bandwidth hoggoin activities = online FPS gaming

Current DSL service = Verizon DSL $32.50 (768k/128k package, in reality it's around 384 up and down)


(I only have access to DSL, CABLE is not an option)

Take it from me. HELL NO!

Cable kicks DSL's ass in almost every circumstance.

But since you are like me with only DSL as an option it doesnt sound like you have much choice.

Bell South promotes a Super Fast DSL offer that I would go with if Bell South was even in my area.

I have dsl and never have problems outta mine. 3mb down/768up and for 40$ a month its cheaper than anyone else. And you get an dedicated amount instead of sharing the bandwidth with the neighbors

hey guys, please test your speed (see URL addy below), and post your results.

Indicate your service and the speed you're getting.

Speed Test:


Gaming isn't bandwidth heavy- going from 384 to 768 won't make any difference. Latency is what matters.

In WoW, for example, you can get a mod that measures incoming and outgoing traffic. Incoming is generally around 1k/sec, outgoing about half that. A phone line is plenty for the bandwidth you need to play the game.

I remember back in the days of playing jedi knight with a 56K modem. Where ever the guy was on your screen, he has at least 5 body lengths away in reality.

"he has at least 5 body lengths away in reality."

That's a latency issue, not a bandwidth issue.

"jonwell, if that is the case, please explain why high bandwidth ALWAYS means lower latency."

Does it always? Not so sure about that.

Anyway if it is the case, it may be because the network is simple less crowded because it spends less time moving information, or it may be because a faster network has better equipment. Or something else.

Think about it though- all you're sending is clicks and all you're recieving is small bits of info from a server about where things are, what loot that mob had, etc. It's not bandwidth intensive at all- right now in WoW my traffic is 2016b/s in, and 66b/s out. That's nothing!

Bandwidth by itself has nothing to do with how fast small amounts of data move around a network.

Homie- not sure, I never heard anything like that. Cable works fine, I'm regularly below 100msec :P

352 down / 357 up

los angeles test server


more bandwith (fatter pipes) always make for BETTER gaming experiences. Of course, the perception of which depends a lot on how well the game is coded for multi-player information transfer.

Fast twitch FPS games like Counter-Strike, F.E.A.R., Unreal & Quake engines, etc. always play better, smoother, and more accurately when connections are faster.

RTS or RPG ( like WoW ) don't rely so heavily on instant positional/situational data packet updates. Most of what's going on in those games can be calculated, synchronized, executed on the host side.

oh well.. back to the discussion..

what do you guys think of DSL Extreme?


I heard radio ads all the time on the weekends (AM radio)