Dual monitor with dvi/vga?

Can you run dual display with a video card that has a dvi and vga output?


Yep, if the driver allows for it.

What's a good dual DVI card?

Good for what?

I have a 24" WS and a 20.5" dell monitor that I use. I do things like graphics apps and video editing a lot. I'm not a big gamer but play some vids sometimes, but not a lot.

Also I like to stream some Xvid from a network computer on one monitor and work or browse the web on the other. But sometimes I get choppy video playback with my current set up.

Right now I'm using an ATI Radeon AIW 8500 and a Radeon 7000. I've thought about a better card that does both monitors, my 8500 is buggy at best when it comes to capture with this set up.

Thanks Armbreaker. I assume you have the PowerColor Radeon X800 GTO 16, since the rest of the ati x800 gto's only have one DVI and one VGA connection, while the GTO 16 has the dual DVI that I'm after.

I use an Nvidia 5900 at work. It has a single DVI which we use y cables for the two LCD's. Works great. I'd just get any recent Dual DVI card, you can even get a 6600GT Dual DVI which won't break your budget but would be decent enough for mild stuff.