Duane BANG website!!

It is just getting going but please take a look at:


a BIG thanks to Mr. Peter Lockley for most of the photos used on the site. Peter is a stud and we (Duane and I) both appreciate his talent...

Eric at nhbfights.com is the man, and a true fan of the sport.Thank you.

ttt for one hell of a fighter!


Looks great. Tell me that you will be posting his fight with Jens. And what kind of products will you be selling?

Is that a Yamato Damashi shirt hes wearing?

The red t-shirt was given to him by Cabbage in Hawaii.

BANG! will have shirts and hats available soon...

also sponsor page coming.. can't forget those that support the fighters!!

many new updates..

check it out..

bang! is still trying to learn how to update it himself with his thoughts etc.

stay tuned for some possible BIG news this week...