Duck Hunt recap

So I went on my first ever duck hunting trip this past weekend. We we're out in a small town on the western edge of Minnesota called Browns Valley. It was a great time! I've always been an avid fisherman, and very novice  hunter, but I joined some family and friends for a three day hunting trip.

Drink every night, up at 5:00 AM to be on our hunting point by 7:00. It was a little warm for this week of October in that location, so the hunting wasn't spectacular, but for it being my first time was great.

Day 1: We get to the pond and take a boat and canoe out to a great location on the lake, setup our decoys and lie and wait for shooting time. (30 minutes before sunrise). I was the only guy who had never hunted and just so happened at 5 minutes before shooting time, a duck landed in our decoys. The veteran hunters told me to go ahead and blast it, so I stood up and BAM! Nailed him.

The rest of the day consisted of small groups, 1-2 ducks, flying by every so often. We ended up with seven ducks.

Day 2: Same start to the day, same location. Very early we got two flocks to fly right into our decoys and bagged four ducks from each flock, which was awewome. The second flock was a nice group of four bigger redheads:

Rest of the day was actually pretty slow, but we ended up with 11 ducks on the day.

Day 3: Same start, same location. This was today and definitely our slowest day. We again got small groups of ducks give us fly buys and bagged eight ducks. But the highlight of the day was calling in a solo Candian goose to our decoys. He landed, started swimming into shore towards our decoys, but turned away and two of the guys blasted him. He was hit, but man geese are big and tough. He started swimming off, so I put a friend in the front of the canoe and paddled him out. The goose was still moving a lot and even diving down and staying down to move 80 feet. After about twenty minutes of chasing and four more shots, we got him in the boat.

We drove home the four hours and processed all the ducks and the goose. Got just over 5 lbs. of duck meat and 2 1/2 lbs in the goose alone. Overall a great trip.


P.S. Peta-supporters need not post on this thread.

Phone Post 3.0

IDOHARM - Phone Post 3.0
My first thought exactly Phone Post 3.0

man, where is my praise from Joe Rogan?

Did you have dogs to get the ducks? What kind?

Chris - 

man, where is my praise from Joe Rogan?

You didn't drink ayahuascaha and do kettlebells ahead of time! Major fail!

JK jk ...

Good shit my man. Phone Post 3.0

Good stuff. Hunting is amazing. I just love it.

Looks like a great time plus duck is delicious.  Congrats brah.

I too thought this was going to be a recap of the classic NES game.

Ebola Manning - Did you have dogs to get the ducks? What kind?

nah we didn't have dogs. Just used the small canoe to retrieve the ducks

Congrats. Btw. How's your beard game? Phone Post 3.0


ShoRunNGun - Congrats. Btw. How's your beard game? Phone Post 3.0
My beard game is very lacking! Phone Post 3.0

It is fucking awesome when a group of hunters takes you under their wings!

Sounds like great fun and Im hoping to give it a try next year.

Chris - 

"...The second fuck was a nice bigger redhead"

stop making fun of gritty

Skin side down on that duck breast...low-med heat in the stovetop. Phone Post 3.0

^ I agree, the other guys I hunt with don't even like duck unless its rolled in bacon or in a crockpot. 

Me? sprinkled with salt,pepper, garlic and cooked skin side down mostly in some olive oil. mmmmmmmmmmm

nice work, shot two red heads myself over the weekend

Recently read on the OG that player 2 controller could control the ducks. Mind blown Phone Post 3.0