Dude can beat you with 1 finger

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your kung fu is no good here


notice how his feet are mostly out of the picture probably due to the fact that they are tied up with rope

fuckin sweet, dude!

i'd flip him off

He can pull some boogers with that pointer


Cirque Solei BS. :)

Too much effort from the cameraman to zoom out and not show the tops of his feet.

Smells like bullshit. Funny!

You are fucking retarded if you think that's real.

It probably is real, I was massivly shocked when I found out the world records for 1 finger weightlifting

Ive seen this B4, Crazy shit. Then again when all you are doing for 18 hrs aday is meditating for yrs and yrs. I exspect you to do crazy shit.

That guy's a pussy compared to this guy


This shit is old........

It was famous back in the 70 or 80's, but now that dude got busted. It was actually filmed with camera tricks, what you see was an old man with ropes tied to his feet. A Chinese journalist who attended the filming tried to reveal the truth, I think some year in the 80's? But was flammed by TMA worshipers, been sued, and never heard of him again. Truth was revealed almost 20 years later, but ironically no one seemed to care any more.

I've seen kids doing that with two fingers, lying against a wall with a 45-degree angle, and held barely 3 secs. For adult it should be nearly impossible since we weight a lot more. And even if someone really does it, it only means that dude is crazy slim, when comes to fighting, a random street thug should be able to handle him good......

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