Dude drops dead after "winning" drinking contest.


Father died 'after downing whole bottle of tequila for a bet'

A 23-year-old Dominican man has died of alcohol poisoning after reportedly downing a whole bottle of tequila in one go for a £520 bet. 

Kelvin Rafael Mejía approached a group at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic and bet that he could down a whole bottle of the Mexican alcohol, according to local media reports.

Mr Mejía completed the challenge and received his winnings of 30,000 pesos (£520). 

But minutes later he became unable to stand and the young man collapsed in the club’s toilets and later died in hospital. The medical examiner confirmed that Mr Mejía had died of alcohol intoxication. 

Local news outlet El Día reported that Mr Mejía had a two month old daughter. 


Jose Muerto.

Aye dios mio!

Unless that dude immediately vomited he was going to end up in the hospital or the morgue. Sad shit is that he left behind his two month old daughter for a few hundred bucks. 

I think he got the concept of The Punisher wrong. 

Pussy. If you're gonna be dumb you gotta be tough.

I basically did the same thing when I was young and dumb but thankfully only with a 13 ounce bottle of tequila, I passed out shortly afterwards. I was enough of a dumbass at that age I would have done it with a full 26 ounces if it was for 520 pounds lol. 

How did they not think that was a bad idea.

Chugging a 5th of 80 proof and surviving (assuming that's what it was) isnt hard for an alkie.

If he was already very drunk/hammered before he chugged it then that makes the situation far more different.

Either way it sucks this happened.

Expect anything less? 

Sad and dumb all at once

Did it say how large of a bottle?

Looking back I'm surprised I didn't end up in the hospital or dead from alcohol. Fuck we did stupid shit.

Pretty sad. Young guy needed/wanted money and made a very unwise decision. Shame to lose your life over a stupid drinking bet. 

Tequila sunset.

That's what I call a Pyrrhic victory.

At least he died doing what he loved.

1 tequila
2 tequila
3 tequila

Adios Amigo


We need more people winning Darwin Awards in this day and age of "anyone can reproduce as many times as they want without any QC."