dude finds snake strangling a hawk

...........A Turkish Cypriot man in Sar? Ta?, Cyprus saves a hawk from certain death without killing the Whip snake.
The man did not want to harm the Large whip-snake because it kills vermin and other venomous snakes in the area and is relatively calm around humans.
He probably saved the snake too from splitting open like a banana from trying to eat such a large pray

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=436_1408127061#SMCugmlvvFR8jUSw.99

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Fuck I hate snakes. Always thought when I was a kid a snake was gonna bite my balls when I was taking a shit. Weird I know. Phone Post 3.0

I would have killed the snake Phone Post 3.0

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That was pretty fucking awesome. Phone Post 3.0

Res ipsa loquitar -

my bet is the hawk tried to eat the snake and the best defense was to choke the bird out. I once actually found an owl that tried to kill a rattlesnake. Snake bit the owl and killed it but the iron grip of the owl never let up (as they have a ratchet system for squeezing) and the snake perished too. 

Pics of naked owl or GTFO Phone Post 3.0

That man is a fucking hero Phone Post 3.0