Dude sat in next stall when others available. WTF?

So I go down the hall from my office to use the bathroom. Walk into the bathroom and no one is in there, so have my pick of any of the 8-9 stalls in the bathroom.

If looking at the stalls, number 1 is all the way to the left and 9 is the handicap stall all the way to the right.

I choose #8.

Couple of minutes into me vacating lunch, I hear the bathroom door open, dude walks in and sits in stall #7, right fucking next door to me.

What the fuck man?!? You had the whole fucking bathroom and you chose the stall next to me?!? We are trying to have a society here!!!!!!

The fuck is wrong with some people?!?

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Did he tap his foot 3x too? You probably just missed out on the best BJ of your life! Phone Post 3.0

He wasnt visibly tapping his foot visibly in the next stall was he? If so he was probably a republican.

Take a wide stance to show him he's intruding in your space.

Did he have a wide stance? Phone Post 3.0

This always blew my mind. Is it the need to be so close someone else or are people that void of common sense. I tend to think its the latter Phone Post 3.0

I have had this happen. I have also seen pee-stains on TOP of the urinals. Boggles the mind.

Maybe he just wanted to play battle shit.

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Legit LOL @ "We are trying to have a society here!!!!!!"

It's a new thing. You're suppose to tap his foot with yours if you want a BJ

well when you go to work..looking all sexy the way you do.....you should expect this kind of behavior.

Should have used the handicap stall. Alot more room from toilet to toilet. If a handicap person wheeled himself/herself in there, you'd have about 15 minutes to finish up before they work their way to your stall.

I hate that.

Also, a similar thing is when you sit in a movie theater, and like 90% of the theater is empty, and then some jackwad sits in the row directly behind you when there are about 25 other empty rows.