Dude tries zip line at water park and nearly drowns (vid)

I love one of the comments about how he still was all stretched out, riding on top of the lifeguard : “Straight out of Dirty Dancing. Having the time of his life”


Or it was like the 5th time the dude had to be saved that day lol


What an asshole.

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I learned to swim when my dad tossed me in the water as a kid, it was pretty easy and natural to stay afloat. I was four years old but I remember it vividly.

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I had this chow chow that was fucking dumb as a rock. My roommate and I had moved into a new house that had a pool. I had two dogs and he had one. I had gone to work and came back to the house for some reason. Gil asked me if I was worried about “Koa” being able to swim. I said “He’s a fucking grown ass dog. He can swim”. Gil said “That is the dumbest dog I’ve ever seen; I wouldn’t be too sure”.

I grabbed Koa and dropped him in the pool. The fucking dog sank. The only effort he made to live was put his nose up as far as he could as he sank. Gil is fucking yowling with laughter. I jump in to the pool in my work clothes and drag his dumb ass out.

I have a friend (Samoan) that can’t swim. He takes ENDLESS shit for that. How in the FUCK did you grow up in Samoa and not know how to swim?!?!


That was the Brazilian way of life saving

When I was 8 years old, my mom threw me into the deep end of the pool to “force” me to learn how to swim.

Predictably, I went straight to the bottom of the pool (about 7ft deep). My mom panicked until she saw the water in the pool start to reduce more and more.

To prevent myself from drowning, I swallowed the water until it was maybe 3ft high. My mom was impressed.

The end.


The technique the lifeguard used was interesting. He basically carried him while holding his breath, to make it as smooth and quick as possible.

A little too smooth perhaps.

Guys are too weak nowadays to hold on for 10 seconds


Man, that was funny. I love how the little kid casually paddles past the flailing retard.

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