Dude wins his MMA debut in WMMA fight

You know the funny thing about her? After we had that talk, she started doing her hair and dressing a little more feminine. Still dykie af but more girlish.

Make that fruit fight cyborg


So if a man wants to beat his wife and he changes his name to Wendy & puts on a wig… then it’s ok right? Really wanna be sure on this

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I swear the annoncer called…she a he at 3:51… probably lost his job by now

It’s just so fuckin weird to me hahaha…

How do you get feminist to celebrate a bro roughing up a chick. This is how lol.

Well if dudes take over WMMA it might make it watchable. Except for Valentina I like watching her fight.

Dudes arms look exactly the same lol what the fuck.

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This thread proved to me that full blown dick swinging bro’s care more about women than feminist woke people do.

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This thread shows how mentally ill Liberals are…

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