Dudley Boyz!

The Dudleys have been way underutilized for far to long. NOW is the time for them to work a LONG program vs RVD and Rey. and I want to see a whole lot of ECW stuff in this program - lots of holy shit moments. This is the perfect opportunity to return the dudleys & rvd to a semblance of their former glory.

Fuck them.

Oh, and Mike Berardi, IMO.

Wouldn't anyone besides me like to see a series of kickass matches between the Dudleys & RVD and Rey Rey?

I would love to see it but do I think it'll happen? probably not.

"We got a faggot in a Hawaiian shirt and a mom who just taught her daughter how to suck dick."

If WWE wasn't for the family then the Dudley's could be so over as heels. Nobody gets a bigger reaction out of the crowd than Bubba.

LOL one time in milwaukee bubba started saying something about Mark Chmura being his hero...