Dufee was the next big thing....

everyone was speaking of him like a terminator.

Even in his loss, he was dominating for the whole match.

but now that he is fighting Overeem, the UFC shills have decided he is not TOP 150.

Overeem will rag doll Duffee like he did to Brett Rogers. These Zuffa zombies dun'know!

ps : don't get me wrong....

I am sure Overeem is gonna REEM Dufee.....

Overeem is just that good.

Overeem is a beast. Hell, he was a beast at 205.

I don't think Duffee has the experience to beat the reem

Yeah I noticed that too. Dude is completely hyped by promotion and fans, fights injured, dominates fight, gets KO'd last minute, gets cut, fights Overeem, now not top 25 by some people and a complete wash-up. Fickle fans are fickle. I think it's awesome Duffee took that fight. No other top 10 Heavies are stepping up. People say The Reem dowdy fight top ten guys.... I say top ten guys don't wanna fight Reem.

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well when you are fighting a champion i think people think you should atleast be top ten. do you believe hes top 10 HW?
nothing against duffee( i want him to win if this fight happens) but he just doesnt have any credible wins over a top ranked guy and lost his last match. It just makes SF HW belt look like even more of a joke when their champions last 2 mma fights are against guys coming off of a loss, and yes i know they are not fighting on a SF card but it still looks bad.

RML - Lol no one here thought he was the next big thing revisionist history. <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

I thought he was championship material myself. This is not an easy fight for the reem