Duffy goes 4-0 post TUF - Interview

Joe Duffy featured briefly on The Ultimate Fighter, losing to Kyle Watson in the elimination bouts. Since the loss (the only one of his career of over 30 fights am and pro) he has gone back to the drawing board and beaten four good opponents since November under the Cage Warriors banner.

He's looking better with every outing, and he will be in the big leagues at some point in his career. He's still only 23.

Keep an eye on him and check out this post-fight interview from Cage Warriors 43 this weekend at www.yourmma.tv. He beat Francis Heagney via decision - the first of his pro career. He's now 10-0.


You can still find the fights from this weekend at www.cagewarriorslive.com!

Duffy is going places...easily one of the best UK/Irish guys out there right now !