Dumb C# question

I am fooling around making my first little app in C#. I have a form with a couple of buttons and a browser object on it. I am using the buttons to load a text file of urls.
I want to have an event handler that will advance to the next url in the list when someone presses a certain key.
My problem is that if I attach the event handler to the form it is completely ignored.
If I attach the handler to one of the buttons it will fire but only while the button has focus.

I obviously want it to fire regardless of what is in focus. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


Solved, please disregard.

For those that are interested:

    public Form1()
        this.KeyPreview = true;

This allows the form to receive key events before the event is passed to the control that has focus so the events attached to the form will fire.

Just saying thanks for posting your solution... I hate when people ask a question and then reply "nevermind, i got it" with no explanation on how they did it.

Fully agree. ^^^