Dumb Question about Manny Reyes Jr...

Why does everyone hate him soo much.. Haha Every site I have ever been on, they seem to wish for the man to slowly die.. Mayb I have a wrong opinion but I would just like for someone to clear it up for me. I know Franca whooped him in like 30 seconds, and he seems to be very cocky, but that is not different from alot of fighters. But it just seems everyone really has it out for him specifically. People are gonna prob either not answer this or just think I am Manny tho.. Cuz I have seen other posts about him and they just think the poster is manny..


Manny who?

Manny is hated so much because he's a guy that came from point fighting karate guy that crossed over....MMA guys hate point fighter's.

Manny's way of doing things is to create false fueds and send insulting emails to fighters, calling them cowards and whatever name you could think of to try to get them pissed off enough to give him a fight. It's just incredibly lame and uncalled for. And when he finally got a fight after years of this bitch-ass tactic, he got beat down in 30 seconds.