Dumb Ways to Die

Anyone familiar with this?

It's an Australian public safety ad campaign that spawned a (annoyingly) catchy song and fun little mini game app where you have to stop cartoon egg people from dying in dumb accidents like getting eaten by sharks or electrocuting themselves etc

Well we just got called into the school as apparently my 5 yr old son drew a picture of the character who sets himself on fire with the caption "set fire to your hair". He discovered it on the iPad amd was playing it and I thought it was fairly innocuous!

The school obviously haven't heard from it and probably think he's a psycho now! Phone Post 3.0

same thing happened at my sons school. i explained it was an app game showing them the stupid ways idiots in this world die. they said "oh, ok." we went on with our lives with no problem, in California of all places.


Well when I was his age I drew a picture in class that was for a "What do you want to be when you grow up" project. I of course wrote "I want to be in a Gang" and drew myself with two others holding a knives. My parents were called in and I had to explain what I meant by the picture and where in the hell I got that idea. 

Back in the 80's the Bad Boys(Detroit Pistons) were a huge thing. Isiah Thomas was my hero and he had done some anti gang PSA commercials for the local detroit area. Apparently I got the message mixed up. I didn't want to hurt anyone or anything I just saw Isiah hanging out with gangs and thought if i'm in a gang he will come hang out with me. 

Kids just mix things up sometimes. It's nothing to be concerned with. I grew up without joining a gang or murdering anyone so i'm pretty sure your kid will be fine. 

Lol cheers I'm not concerned. I jut thought it was quite funny. I'm more impressed with his writing to be honest! Phone Post 3.0