Dumb woman vs. horse

It's the simple things in life like these videos that make me smile Phone Post 3.0

Mark this under "Porn Genres/Themes that don't do it for me"

IN THE FACE!!! Phone Post 3.0

Holy Shit!

groundfighter2000 - Mark this under "Porn Genres/Themes that don't do it for me"



...any broad willing to blow or fuck a horse has an OG-esque level of perversion that turns many on.

Horse didn't take kindly to being called a cunt. Phone Post 3.0

Ko? Phone Post 3.0

Ramon Maroni - Holy Shit!
That was awesome! Phone Post 3.0

that's a concussion

What the fuck was she hoping to accomplish Phone Post 3.0

And it's all over!!

Now woman should talk to Sarah Jessica Parker like that

RIP Phone Post 3.0

Fuck her
VTFU Phone Post 3.0

She ded Phone Post 3.0

Definitely a KO. You can see the stiff arms right before the video ends. That bitch got her thalamus thumped. Phone Post 3.0

Who trained that horse to understand English? Impressive.

Lol...you guys have obviously never worked with horses. Horse was being and ass, probably not fully broke. She was trying to get control after getting thrown so she didn't have to chase it all over the place. She probably should have been a little more ready but it's tough to dodge a kicking horse. Phone Post 3.0