Dumbass things you’ve done? Let’s break stuff

As a kid I used to build Lego fortresses, and then man them with my GI Joes…and then blow them up with m80’s.

Never forget the look on my dad’s face as he’s pulling lego shrapnel from my leg. “You have to be the dumbest kid in the state…”


that is awesome, in a bad way.

when I was a kid I had a couple .22 caliber shells and actually hit them with a hammer, Firing them into my basement wall. Very dumb

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When I was 16 I bought a 1988 300ZX Turbo. It was about 20 miles from my home. It was a 5 speed. I literally never drove stick prior. I burned the clutch out on the way home. :joy:


Drank and drove that one time I got caught.

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About 5 years ago i turned the kitchen sink on to fill a dirty pot with water to let it soak (think it had like pasta sauce that had dried and crusted)

Did a few other things around the kitchen while the water was running…and then promptly went to bed and forgot the sink was running.

Woke up in the morning with the sink still running…didn’t think anything of it other than the massive waste of water from leaving it running all night.

Went down stairs to take the dogs out…and noticed the room directly beneath the kitchen (which was my gym downstairts) had water dripping from the ceiling.

The entire ceiling was soaked, the drywall was crumbling, the light fixtures were full of water, the paint on the walls was bubbled out with little water bubbles…

Had to call a professional water removal company to dry everything out, make sure there wasn’t mold, then a contractor to replace the dry wall and repaint. Took like 3 weeks to fix when all was said and done.

Cost me about $1000 because that was my insurance deductable.

Wife still hasn’t forgive me for that one.


$1k for all that is nothing, you got lucky.

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