Dumbest Famous Criminals

The Brickley Grindr thread where she is in jail in Russia for vape pens got me thinking, that is one of the bigger criminal fuckups of a somewhat famous person Ive seen in a while. She’s doing anywhere from months to years in a Russian prison because she was way too casual about the laws where she was.

Another one this brings to mind is Plaxico Burress, brings a gun in his sweatpants to a bar in NYC where gun crimes carry mandatory 1 year minimum and proceeds to accidentally shoot himself in the leg and get caught and actually did time

Then you’ve got Tiger Woods, his drunk driving, wife beats car with golf club episode was pretty crazy, but the legal repercussions werent much.

Jayson Williams shot and killed a limo driver in his house hotrodding with a shotgun, I believe, pretty much fucked his life and ended his career.

Robert Blake and OJ got away criminally with their murders of exes, but were foiund civilly liable, and Phil Spector did not get away with his.

Of course, there’s Jussie.

What else do we have for dumb famous criminals? Lenny Dykstra and Boris Becker both got wrapped up for financial crimes. OJ got away with it. Brett Favre always seems about a half a step away from serious legal problems.

So who else is out there and what famous person committed the dumbest crime?

Lol at Brickley Grindr

Jayson Williams was retired when he shot the limo driver.

Eugene Robinson getting busted for picking up a hooker before the Super Bowl and after being awarded the Bart Starr award for being the NFL player “who best exemplifies outstanding character and leadership in the home, on the field and in the community.”

Stephen Collins, who played the dad in “7th Heaven” admitting he exposed himself to and molested underage girls to his estranged with during a therapy session.

Tim Allen getting busted with a pound of coke before he became famous.