Dumbest Girl in the World (killed my erection)

This one is share worthy. I've never seen this guy before, but this is gold. Enjoy!

Haha this guy is funny... Phone Post 3.0

If you have a thing for chubby gals, she's pretty all right without the clown make up.

But she's annoying. Moreso than most chicks.

That guy is from Zamunda! I like him! He needs to be here.

"You should be arrested for killing my erection."


But ill be honest...i only watched the video because of the tits...not because of the funny black guy.


that was my favorite part, thought id gif it for the og to use when necessary

Who is that chick? Phone Post 3.0

DoovyB -

Yes! This was good as was the erection part. GIF that! Phone Post 3.0

illini89i - Who is that chick? Phone Post 3.0


Bloke is funny and chick shouldnt be allowed to have kids because she is fucking stupid Phone Post 3.0

They autotuned her

surprised shes not missing a chromosome

i've seen this before a little while ago. still cracked me up though.

for atomic
you killed it

Later Phone Post 3.0

In for the gifs. Phone Post 3.0

This guy is awesome. He did the cobras one as well. Phone Post 3.0

DoovyB -
for atomic


you killed it

VTFU! Phone Post 3.0

+3 back at you, that guy made my night

I'd titty fuck that dumb slut.