Dumbest thing you ever bought

For me it my no oil fryer. Stupid thing cost $400 and is no better than my oven.

And the crystal I bought to rub in my pits instead of deodorant but that only cost $10 

I used my real money to buy fake money from a movie set

I paid 12K for a shitty website that has never worked properly.  Probs has cost me 100k in lost sales as well.  

A Wii

A wedding A townhouse after said wedding.

Thai salt crystal works, bruh

I bought a truck to restore without doing much research. It turned out to be an extremely rare model with tons of single year and one off parts. In short basically nothing was available aftermarket. Huge money pit at every turn. I ended up actually giving it away with $3000+ and hundreds of hours into it. I was later nearly jailed because the person I have it to never transferred it into their name and I had removed the insurance. Subsequently my license was suspended and I was nearly arrested during a routine traffic stop.

tj tapper -

I paid 12K for a shitty website that has never worked properly.  Probs has cost me 100k in lost sales as well.  

12k?!?!?! Holy shit. You know they're pretty easy to make on your own, right?

Umm probably just unhealthy food TBH 

Not with the functionality that I needed.  

but ya, we're in a dumb purchases thread so I think some bad decisions are implied.  

Engagement ring

A pair of nunchucks when i was 15.

I spent $45 on a box where you flip the switch and it just opens up and flips the switch back. It is in my office. When I am busy I ask people to flip the switch for service. Here is a video of it:



Rimbaud -

A pair of nunchucks when i was 15.

Hopefully they weren't those foam padded ones.

Government Cheese -

A Wii

This was one of the best purchases I've ever made. 


Worst for me was probably an alpine speaker/sub set for my car when I was 17. Waste of money.

Animal Chin - Engagement ring

Mosquito Deleto, you're supposed to put it in your back yard and it attracts and kills mosquitoes. It was several hundred dollars and a total waste of money. I could have killed more swinging around the box it came in for a hour that that piece of shit got in a week.

Engagement ring, wedding rings, and most everything I spent on her afterward.

Engagement ring
Wedding ring

A Toshiba Satellite laptop many years ago. Never worked, Toshiba always blamed software for the issue. Useless piece of shit waste of money