Dummies and equipment

what is the best/cheapest place for good dummies and equipment?

There are so many dummies, they've just got to be free.........

Somewhere around here, either on this forum, the BJJ forum, or the wrestling forum, there is a thread telling how to make your own dummy out of old clothes and stuff.


If you're serious about buying a dummy, I have a used 'Bubba' (great training dummy - good condition) that I might have to sell.

E-mail me at NbleSavage@Fuse.net if you want to talk.



what are you asking for bubba?

I just updated instructions on how to make dummys with pics on my site. It looks as good as boughten, but cheap to make. If you have any questions, please ask. I will be doing one more update with answers to several questions late week..


Hope they help...


Mine is a standard size, includes the Gracie gi. They're selling new for $499; I would hope to get $300 for mine. E-mail me if you want to talk.