Dumping Brew & Bread

Well now I determined approx. one week ago that it was time to start dropping some lbs. so my board shorts will fit again by the time the warm weather strolls back into the D.

Every year it is the same routine: I dump brew, bread and sweets from diet. Thats it. Everything else I pig out on including lots of fruit which is a no-no with Atkin's fans.

My protein source is broiled/boiled chicken, lean cuts of pork and beef, fish (lots of tuna), eggs and my protein powder of choice is egg white (2x per day).
I also consume a cup of almonds or walnuts each day, black coffee, skim milk, green tea and water for liquids. Lots of chicken or tuna salads for veggy source.

Vitamin intake: 1. One-A-Day 2. C 3. Folic Acid 4. Garlic 5. Zinc

I jump start the whole diet with Hydroxycutt to be supercharged.

For cardio I walk the hood and do uchikomi burst with my throwing dummy in the basement. I also do push-ups, heavy dumb-bell curls, sit-ups, hit the heavy bag a little for warm-ups, some squats with the dummy on my back, wrist rollers.

Thats it man. It works like a charm shedding 20 in 2 months. I lost 6 the first week.

I mentioned to the ball & chain that perhaps she should consider trying it and her response was true to her Irish/Italian/Catholic heritage as I found myself the recipient of a double-bird flip off and the comment, "Screw you bastard, you better be joking!"


Hey walt,

I think that I might try your diet. What exactly does the the Hydroxycutt do?

Thanks Bro,



It at one time had ephedra in it but no longer. It does have cafeine and a bunch of herbs. It sorta eliminates hunger pangs and produces extra energy to motivate you to work out harder. I swear by it. If you follow the directions it won't cut into your sack time either.

I too just started my Atkins diet(6 days ago). Every year it is the same for me too. It all starts on Halloween night when the kids bring the candy home(4 kids= a lot of snickers bars). Then Thanksgiving (I am always very thankful for Judo), and Christmas Feasting, and New Years eve, Kids b-day , Sunday football, after practice beers, after work beers, Its friday 40 oz and 6-pack night , and valentines day. It is also Double-Whopper value meal with a fish sandwhich on the side.
My Fat pants got tight. I took the scale out of hiding (along with the mirrors) and BAM! An All-Time High! I don't know how I got so huge. I've been working out.
It should come off fast though, now the Beer and Carbs are gone.I'll add an extra day of Judo too. Maybe this is the Year I will get under 220lbs.

Tony, Exactly! You described it to a tee.

-- I found myself the recipient of a double-bird flip off and the comment, "Screw you bastard, you better be joking!" --

I've heard that women sometimes react negatively when one suggests they lose weight. Interesting to see that confimred.

lmao.. glad im not there yet.. in a few i very well might be though..

The first thing I cut out of my diet to lose weight is beer and pop. I just drink water and orange juice for my fluids.

Pop does me in big time. Getting it for free at work doesn't help.

My wife just pointed me to the size chart for Mitsuboshi gis - they have categories like "fat" and "more fat".


Hey Incident, I clicked in my measurements, and it directed me to "Sumo" section.

I'm tempted to go to that sumo section too, Tony, but I think it's probably wiser for me to just get the weight off like the rest of these guys.

Although that stew the sumo guys eat is probably a good metabolism booster, if it has enough hot sauce in it that is...

Sausage , I can have.What else do they put it it?
I thought I was losing flexibility in my advancing years...then I realized it was just my belly that got in the way.I was thinking .."why is it so hard to tie my shoes lately?" Then I stepped on the scale.

After a week on Atkins I dropped 9 lbs.

"why is it so hard to tie my shoes lately?"

LMFAO!!! So true when that realization hits. Plus the bigger your gut gets the smaller your hog looks.

Its a good feeling when the trou start feeling comfortable around the waist again, aye?

Small hog result of "Dickydu". My belly stick out more than my Dicky Du ! (note= quote from Navy Petty Officer).

Have my first BJJ comp in about 2 months and have to get down in weight for that. Christmas is an evil thing. I am 6'2" and at the moment I'm 78kg. I was 72kg before Christmas however... And my height and weight on that size chart is off the scale of skinny!

Yeah, I have to lose 78kg too. Good luck! I was going to buy beer last night (light beer too) , But my kids said "aren't you on a diet dad?" I passed the store, went home and sucked on a 2litre bottle of diet slice. Just not the same though. Be strong tony...be strong!

I'm pounding a Johnny Red and soda as I type and I just finished wolfing done 1/2 a big NY strip and a good sized chunk of salmon - both broiled. Potent!

Diet soda? I was thinking of using a low cal alcohol mood enhancer but one leads to 9. I got some kava kava though.

Just got in from a long walk, jumped on the scale at 217 lbs. Down from 225 last week. I swear to God I am eating the above-listed foods like a horse also.