Duncan MacLeod signing out for real youve bored me

Mugs bored me to pieces I'm outta here soft cunts


NEF, TEBG and the rest of the boys you know who u are been good talking to ya your the boys!!! Big love!

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Heavy hands and heavier mouth breathing.

Self proclaimed toughest guy here, can't handle the OG.

Later petunia!

Poor troll can't even troll. Sad for ya fella. Hope you find you irritate the next forum enough for them to notice.

Can I get his remaining blue time please, thank you.

Who the fook is this guy?

FrancisDingo'dMyHonesty - 

Who the fook is this guy?

A little British guy with a Napoleon complex.

Funnygoodbye.gif ...

Figures, I'm having the worst day ever!! Please leave your account active in case you want to come back. 


Take care Dunkin, you'll be missed brother...... :(






FreightTrain -


FreightTrain -


Fuck you then


hopefully he leaves the same way that Dom Hemingway guy did. By posting about 67 times in his goodbye thread, and not actually leaving for even one day.