DUNE.....New Trailer and Cast Pics Today

Feyd will be in the next movie, correct? I think they are going the Mortal Kombat route and introducing their Johnny Cage in the next film.

Yeah. Feyd and Alia don’t appear until part two

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Looks like the Chronicles of Riddick

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Looks great. I remember little about the original story, so this will be a treat when it comes out

It was terrible.

I finished the book last week (great) and tried to watch the movie afterward. It sucked.

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ahh ok, so it’s not the complete book in this movie.

what about Irulan? I hope she is HOTTT too

Looks good!! My favorite book of all time.

I got a little bit of “woke” vibe but I think the trailer creator set that up. The other trailer didn’t feel that way.

Yeah the new trailer does have a bit of a woke vibe seeing how it decides to focus on the my people are being oppressed and killed angle. But if Villeneuve stays true to the events of the novel then the last laugh will be on the woke crowd since it’ll be a white male who becomes the savior of those oppressed brown people.

Major themes of the book are imperialism and colonialism, so this is less going woke, and more just staying true to the source material.


Yeah, but in the source material Chani never went on a diatribe about her people suffering under outworlders. The Fremen just went about their own lives which was very secretive to the point where the Great Houses, the Emperor, and the Bene Jesserit didn’t really know they existed. The people under dictatorship on Arrakis were other natives of the planet that aren’t Fremen, and whom the Fremen have disdain for and don’t consider to be their people.


Environmentalism too.

The book was massively woke. It would be impossible to make an un-woke adaptation.

This all day. The original movie was lacking, but I have to give it credit for following the book. In the book, the Fremen are saving water to one day terraform the planet. They don’t really discuss being oppressed, they do discuss making their planet a better place to live. You are correct.

Really? I read it years ago but can’t seem to remember it being too political at all.

I’d say Rabban did some oppressing of Fremen.

He didn’t oppress the Fremen, he oppressed those who lived in the cities. The Fremen ran and hid from him as they waited for the right moment to make war with the Harkonnens and kick them off of the planet, but that was due to the religious prophecy they believed they were fulfilling with the arrival of Paul, Maud Dib, and not really because Rabban was oppressing them. The prophecy existed from before the Harkkonnens killed off the Atreidis.

I’m sorry, so being forced to run and hide, and pay exorbitant bribes to the spacing guild to keep satellites out of the sky so that the sietches couldn’t be found and their people murdered and/or enslaved…that’s not oppression?

Saying specifically “Rabban” was oppressing them, I don’t think that’s right. I mean, he was instructed to treat everyone on the planet like shit. This was a ploy by the Baron. After Rabban was seen as a complete demon oppressor he would bring Feyd in as the hero hoping all would love him.

I guess my point is that the Fremen had lived on the planet for a long time in the desert. They were acclimated in it, it was their lifestyle. The Harkonnens couldn’t really oppress them as the life they lived was already so harsh there wasn’t much to take away. The reason they warred with the Harkonnens was because Paul was their leader.

Chani saying they are oppressed was not a theme in the book. The Fremen were tough, resourceful people and seemed rather content keeping to their desert living ways and seemed to give zero fucks about the Harkonenns before Paul arrived.

You are correct, the Fremen were driven off into the deep desert during the prior Harkonnen days, way before the Baron’s plot and Rabban ever getting to Dune.

My bad there. But the Beast was a Beast to everybody including the insurrectionist Fremen.

The trailer is woke because Chani’s voice over wants to make it seem like the Left’s version of the Isreal/Palestine situation. The Dune book isn’t like that. It’s more like a Lawrence of Arabia scenario where two sides are trying to gain control of an area in their war against each other. The Fremen just happen to be the inhabitants on the strategic parcel they’re fighting over. The Atreides recognized that the natives can be used as soldiers in their bigger fight against their enemies the Emperor and Harkonnens. Paul goes native and ends up leading the natives against his enemies. After winning that war, the natives turn out to be even bigger assholes and go on a religious jihad full of violence and become a bane to the rest of the worlds for generations.