Duneland Classic Results

I thought the show went great, I'll give a detailed analysis of the event and fights at another time. Just wanted to post some quick results. Also, due to outstanding weather the open mat has been switched to an open football game at West Beach, should start around 2pm today.

All matches were, 3-three minute rounds and will be considered amature bouts.

David Love defeats Charles Barron (TKO 2nd)

Josh Bailey defeats Dale Bogart (Choke 2nd)

Mario Williams defeats Padrig Martin (Unanimous Decision)

Joshua Medina defeats Brian Fielder (Unanimous Decision)

Enrique Guzman defeats Dante Berney (Submission 2nd)

Mike O'Malley defeats Wayne Bogart (KO, 3rd)

Kain Rizzo defeats Joe Urednick (Triangle 1st)

Nick Klein defeats Tom McCoy (Armbar 1st)

Eric Newell defeats Wade Choate (TKO 1st)

Mark Burch defeats Warren Kikaba (TKO-Injured Shoulder 1st)

The next show is scheduled for August 6th at Portage High School.

Keith Wisniewski

great job keith, it was a pleasure fighting for you. I like to say that wade choate was one of the classiest people I have met. And is a warrior, and I thank him for coming out to the fight, also wish him luck in the future. Im sure he will do well. TTT for an august show. thanks eric newell