Duneland Vale Tudo is the past bro

If anyone wants to see what it was that I typed and deleted earlier, Its on Page 3 of this thread. Thank you! Sorry I had to repost this guys, but I was advised to delete it before it got out of hand. So I did, Then I got blasted by people who didn't even read my comments. Including Keith Wisniewski himself, another one who never got to actually read my posts either. So here it is. (Page 3) I hope this thread is on the back page by tomorrow and soon forgotten.

Keith and Justin are good guys,and we like men to be men around here,so try signing your name next time,puss!

There's a new Mixed Martial Arts gym rising from the region and its called N.W.I.M.M.A. Academy. And for those who don't know... That stands for NorthWest Indiana Mixed Martial Arts Academy!
Or if you're already from the region, you can just call us "The Academy" (The Premiere Mixed Martial Arts Team In The Region)
We repped like a muthafucker at our first showing, going 3&0 at The Total Fight Challenge in Cicero,IL last Saturday June 2nd @ The Cicero Stadium baby!!
Wesley English won in dominating fasion in his first MMA fight of his career.
York Ash put to rest an opponent that we won't name right now who badly wanted a rematch after losing to him at the previous TFC in Hammond, IN. (So much for a rubber match, huh!)
"The Loose Cannon" Jason Tabor had to dig deep as hell to pull off the decision in his match up against a very formitable opponent (Charles Wilson) who towered over him by 7 inches at the 145lb wieght class in order to remain undefeated in his mixed martial arts career.

Lets just say things are looking good for the new start up gym (N.W.I.M.M.A. Academy)(aka "The Academy" for short) from The Region! And we promise more big things to come as well!!!!


then take it up with them man to man,and not try cutting them down here,while promoting yourself,player!

it's cool to have an opinion,it's even cooler not to bad mouth a couple of guys,who are just doing their best,it ain't like they were born rich!

trust me we've seen the real shit,when it comes to bad people in m.m.a. down here in s.il.

at least you didn't have to worry about their hand on your leg,:)

Your initial post certainly comes off as being a "hater". I certainly wouldn't say you sounded even one iota positive about the Wisniewski's. Calling their gym a joke certainly isn't positive. If you wanted to "rep" your new gym you should have just started with your second post and not dissed them in your thread title.

It is just one man's opinion but don't be so friggin negative.

That's just my opnion.

sand+vagina=this thread

Living well is the best revenge. You sound like a bitter ex girlfriend.

Congrats on the win just the same!

Thank you Yelm! YOU have no idea how tough Charles was and what an awkward match it was for me. He was 6 or 7 inches taller than me and it was at 145. he fights up to 155. And I should be at 135. so i appreciate the extra love Yelm.

your still missing the point dude.


Tabor, it is a kind of unwritten rule in the sport of mma and the sport of grappling. Dont air your dirty laundry in public and dont bad mouth another school. I am in the Chicago area, have met and competed against some of the Duneland fighters and I have a lot of respect for all of them. If you have a problem with them take it up with them personnaly. I have had a falling out with an insructor as well but I sure as shit would never bad mouth him or the school or any of the other fighters.

Kinda shady bro, might want to re-think your strategy.

"sand + vagina = this thread"

Thought that was funny! Ha! Chill out Taber.