Dunlap and Miletich on IMA

Hey all,

Mark Negron and I associate produced this episode of Inside Martial Arts with Pat Miletich and Phil Dunlap. Episode 16.




The guy in the second clip just would not shut up

Fantastic. Phil's spot was really informative. Nice to see Justin & Dan getting air time too.

The IMA guys did an awsome job with this episode!! Can't wait to see how they work up the Battle of Brooklyn.

The guys at IMA do a really great job. I tend to gaviod cameras and they really made me comfortable doing it


"The guy in the second clip just would not shut up."

he's a ham, I tell ya. a complete narcissist. anything to get in front of a camera. add a microphone and your day is really shot.

It's that obvious..I was born for the camera

I wasn't talking about YOU Phil.