Dunn MURDERED that ball

Anybody see the thigh-high middle-in cutter that Pedro tried to sneak by Dunn on a 3-1 count?? Wow.

424, not bad.

He's still my pick to hit 50 this year (almost took Thome though).

Didn't see it, but he just hit another one off of Looper to tie the game. Then Looper gave up another to Randa. LOL.

Dunn is a stud.

Apparently, Looper is not.

Dunn's first one landed about 6 rows short of leaving the park completely. The RF didn't even bother moving.

Didn't see his 2nd one, was walking the dog :(

Poor Pedro.

If Dunn hits a ball 420-odd feet against ANYBODY, I'm gonna ask who else saw it. He hits one that hard against Lidge, I'm making a thread to ask who else saw it.

Pedro looked good today. After the Dunn homer, he struck out 11 of the next 14 or some ridiculous number. Beltran should have his 5 dingers by the time taxes are due. But he's not gonna hit .330, clearly. A more reasonable estimation would be .280-.295 IMO. 3-for-5 against the Reds does not make him Ichiro.

Since we're on the topic of homers, Richie Sexson hit one in the first inning today to left that got out in about a second and a half. Then, in the 3rd, he CRUSHED one to CF. 5 RBI in his first two AB's for a new team will put a smile on some faces.

Calm down dude.

"And if your gonna tell me I'm wrong about my thoughts that you only do this because you know I live and die by every Mets game and you enjoy pissing me off, then why haven't you made a thread about Pedro's sickening performance today?"

My "Poor Pedro" comment at the end of post 3 was in reference to him throwing a brilliant game and not getting a well-deserved W. I can make a thread if you want.

"Anyhow I'm sorry to dissapoint you but I'm not upset about today's game. There were way too many bright spots to override what was the end result."

I'm not disappointed. You should be optimistic seeing some of the things that happened today. For instance, the middle relief that we BOTH thought would be a big weak spot (you said they were a "disaster" IIRC) pitched well. I've never heard of the Korean guy they threw, but he looked good. Reyes played well, Floyd hit an opposite-field HR, Beltran did a little of everything, etc.....

"Looper had a bad day. Tip your cap. You leave a splitter like that up even an inch to a guy like Dunn and that's whats gonna happen. What can I say? Get the game to Looper was the mindset and they couldn't have asked for a better situation."

Pretty much. By season's end, Dunn will have added a LOT of people to the "I served up a tater to the Donkey" club. Looper won't be the last guy he takes yard. They were in a good spot going into the 9th.

"But of course, in your eyes, the Mets suck"

Well, you've got me THERE.

"they looked like minor leaguers today"

I never said that

"Pedro pitched like a bum"

I never said that either

"and Beltran's gonna hit .216"

Again, not my words

"I just think a thread like this is a little shady on your part. I would have expected more of you."

I think you're simply reading too much into it. Dunn hit a ball that traveled a long, long, LOOONG way. Pedro deserved a W. That is all.

hello pedro welcome to the mets - im here to lose games for you

-b looper


Damn, Wily Mo Pena hit one 498 to Left-Center (Upper Deck shot) today off Duckworthless. They showed a shot of one of his teammates trying to point out to him where the ball landed in the dugout, he didn't look like he believed it, lol. 2nd longest homer in that ballpark.

lol @ this