Duran v. Hawk @ 140, who wins?

Who do you thing wins at 140 in their prime: Roberto Duran or Hawk Pryor?

I say Duran by knockout round 10.

Duran by late ko.

I'm with ya.

Stylewise, I believe that this would be a tough fight for Pryor. He could box, but was usually very aggressive and liked to go at opponents.

No one ever beat Duran by coming to him. He could be outboxed, but not outfought. Imagine the staredown during the pre-fight instructions!

I think this fight would've been one that we'd be talking about to this very day, and would be a highly prized addition to any video collection, but I think Duran by late tko.

I think Roberto was much harder to hit than Pryor.

"No one ever beat Duran by coming to him"

Hearns did it that way, didn't he?

Hearns destroyed him, but I remember Duran getting caught while trying to close in on Tommy. Aaron wouldn't enjoy the reach advantage that Tommy did either.

Look at how well Duran did against younger, stronger men who came to him, even in his latter years. Iran Barkley would be the best example.

Hearns was a huge match-up problem for Duran. Plus Duran was fighting way out of his glory day weight while Hearns was comfortably in his glory day weight.

I believe that if Duran and Hearns had fought at 140 then Duran wins by KO.

Match ups and styles also played a huge part in the fight. Remember Duran went the distance with Hagler at 160 and Hearns did not make it to round 4.

I thought when Duran went up to 147 and beat Leonard it was an unbelievable accomplishment. That fight was better than any of the Leonard/Hearns match ups IMHO>

"pryor way too big and fast"

Not as big, nor (arguably) any faster than Ray Leonard. His hand speed may have matched Ray's, but I dont think there's any doubting that SRL was much faster on his feet.

Besides, Aaron would go right at Duran and that style suited Roberto best. Duran in a war.

Pryor left himself open. He was like a windmill.

"pryor way too big and fast"

Did Pryor ever fight at middleweight? How do you think
he would do against Hagler if he did?

No way was Pryor too big for Duran. Pryor was a little peanut also.

Duran - Very very close decision.

This would be a war. Duran's technical skill was close to Arguello & his work rate was close to Pryor's.

The Duran who smoked Carlos Palomino & Soul Mamby at 140 might be able to outfox and out gut the Pryor who survived two wars with Arguello at 140.

It would not be a lock for Duran but fate was rarely kind to Aaron and luck often smiled on Roberto. That might be the difference in a match like this.

I'd say a war for 10 rounds with Duran winning by
TKO. It'd be a great great fight.

Duran beat Palomino at 147, BTW, not 140.

He'd tool Pryor. I know Aaron was a tough SOB but he had a one-way style -- all out attack. Duran was technically astute and was great at not getting hit while attacking, and that was against much bigger people. At lightweight and 140 (he only had a handful of fights there) he overwhelmed people his own natural size.