Durham special counsel mega thread

I can show you a different article saying the FBI investigated

Foer and his sources aren’t the only ones who have been interested in the flow of traffic between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank. The FBI, the New York Times, and other media organizations have all investigated the story. And so far none of them seem to believe that they’ve unearthed signs of a secret link between Trump and the Kremlin:

F.B.I. officials spent weeks examining computer data showing an odd stream of activity to a Trump Organization server and Alfa Bank. Computer logs obtained by The New York Times show that two servers at Alfa Bank sent more than 2,700 “look-up” messages — a first step for one system’s computers to talk to another — to a Trump-connected server beginning in the spring. But the F.B.I. ultimately concluded that there could be an innocuous explanation, like a marketing email or spam, for the computer contacts.


November 1st 2016

Call it what you want…at minimum the difference between the article FBI squashed because of Sussman and the one NYT eventually ran was that the first one would not have mentioned FBI at all, and the one that ran led with the headline that FBI debunked any connection.

So since NYT was going to run the article before Sussman got the FBI to “delay” it…again, tell me how the “conspiracy” benefitted from Sussman going to the FBI.

But look I just showed you one that showed the FBI investigated even after it being debunked.

Now what?

See how that makes it more believable?

You still believe it lol

The bittersweet justice of the FBI coming out and speaking against it though. Oh man that must have hurt the Hillary folks so much.

All that hardwork gone to waste lol

So you’re saying two things here

  1. an article that says “FBI says this weird looking stuff researchers found is a nothingburger” is WORSE for Trump than an article that says “Researchers find unexplainable comms between Trump Tower and Russian bank”


  1. if Sussman had said he was there on behalf of Hillary, FBI literally would not have investigated the Alfa bank stuff at all. Because any investigation whatsoever, even fully informed of the Hillary connection, would have meant all those articles could STILL say “FBI investigated”.


This is what makes sense to you and Durham and what you think will make sense to a jury. Good luck with that!

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Lol look how far you had to stray because I showed your were 100% wrong about the text message.

But yes the jury will see that these guys tried to get the FBI to open an investigation for their news buddies to start to spread it through the media as an October surprise to get their candidate elected and in return joffe would have a cushy govt position

The FBI killed it all by commenting on it.

Funny thing is you seem to think that the FBI asking the reporters to delay the story has any bearing on what the people trying to get the story into the news at all.

I never said the FBI was part of the conspriacy so I don’t know what strawman you’re building there. If anything the FBI was in the way of the plan.

Lol okay. So you’re on the record insisting it looks worse for Trump to have a story saying “weird comms between Trump/Russia debunked by FBI” than it would be to have a story saying “weird comms between Trump/Russia”. That’s all you needed to say. And again I’ll say good luck getting a jury to buy this utterly nonsensical theory.

No here’s what I personally believe and I think it will be away to prove is that Foer stating the Alfa bank comms would lead to a flurry of reports and hopefully comment from the FBI saying they are investigating.

Not we are investigating and WE SEE NO CLEAR LINKS.

But you keep doing you

Cause that’s the poetic justice at the end is that all that work went to waste with 5 words.

We see no clear links.

Ok so you think FBI got in the way of the conspiracy…then how do you think all those outlets would have gotten confirmation there was an investigation lol

Your theory is that evil conspirators lied to the FBI, hiding their ties to Hillary, to get FBI to investigate something they knew was false, in the hope that 1) FBI would still be investigating this bogus link at the time these outlets did their stories and 2) FBI would confirm they were investigating to those outlets, against fbi policy. Let’s try to remember that the only reason these outlets found out is because former Durhamtard Public Enemy #1 leaked it to them, which ultimately led to his firing (and calls for execution by the tards lol)

Oh and 3) again, that the conspirators couldn’t have gotten the exact same result as 1 and 2 without criminally lying about clients.

Gonna wear out the L key on my keyboard with all these lols

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Here’s a l for you dummy.


Steele got impatient and then went and met with Kavalec.

And they were getting pissed about the delay in the story hence the “do the fucking Alfa story”

But the only leak was from the guy who said “we didn’t find anything”. Oops! But sure sure someone else would have leaked that Trump was being investigated…except HE ALREADY WAS BEING INVESTIGATED since Crossfire Hurricane was well underway. Double oops!

That’s what makes it wonderful. It backfired.

And it’s even more hilarious how you still fail to see that the entire plan was a fucking failure

Crossfire hurricane wasn’t into trump

By that measure neither was this one. Whoops!

They investigated trumps ties to Alfa bank not Carter pages or manaforts or Flynn’s.

Big difference but maybe not to you…

But again didn’t the steele dossier try and bring in those folks in a well developed conspiracy…?

No, they investigated comms between a computer at Trump Tower and Alfa Bank (and Spectrum Health).

Yes they surely must have been investigating someone other than trump through trump tower Alfa bank and betsy DeVos.

Tell you what ping me when you’re reaching finally gets to a point. You’re seeking desperately some kind of win. Maybe bring something to back your claims other than your incorrect opinion.

Guess you’ll never wear out that w on your keyboard

A lawyer put himself in criminal exposure in order to get FBI to 1) squash a story about shady comms between Trump Tower and Russia and 2) tell media outlets they were investigating something related to Trump, even though they already had a long-running investigation into Trump that hadn’t leaked, and even though they would have had to do the investigation anyway regardless of who the client was, and 3) given that the info was bogus all FBI would presumably tell those outlets was “it’s fucking nothing”.

Canadian Agree GIF by CBC

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Lol at Sussman trying to get the story squashed when the emails show fusionGPS doing the exact opposite

I’m embarrassed to have ever given you any credit