Durham special counsel mega thread

Lol at claiming Sussman didn’t want the story squashed when the only reason FBI knew about it to squash it was because he told them

Don’t want the story squashed? Don’t go to the FBI and commit a crime to tell them about it. Result: Story runs, no criminal exposure.

Or more like hey thought we would bring you this because it’s also going to be in the media in a few days.

Any chance you have anything corroborating your claims?

Won’t be hard. It’s documented somewhwre. Find it and post the whole thing

Lol as per Joffe himself… Sussman sure did go there to tell the FBI to squash the story…


In August, 2016, Max decided to reveal the data that he and his colleagues had assembled. “If the covert communications were real, this potential threat to our country needed to be known before the election,” he said. After some discussion, he and his lawyer decided to hand over the findings to Eric Lichtblau, of the Times. Lichtblau met with Max, and began to look at the data.

And more LOLs

FBI squashed Sussmans plan. Not Sussman going to get it squashed lol. They literally brought it to the times.

But I’ll get some more official statements. Pretty sure it’s in some fillings as well

FBI asked to delay because it would interfere in their investigation…

Not Sussman and if you think they gave the reporter the Info with the hopes of him not being able to report it …

Lol it’s the first line of your clipping. FBI asked NYT not to publish. And the reason they knew that NYT was going to publish a story about this was…

You have to be a real special kind of stupid if you really think these guys went to all that effort to exploit non public data to bring it to the NYT to just then turn around and go to the FBI and get them to stop the story…

Meanwhile their fucking colloborators are saying shit like this to other news outlets

I’m sure they wanted to get it killed lol

U mad

No. Are you?

All these Rinos have been heavily tied in with the Deep State since their comeup… they serve the Deep State which is a DNC/Davos agenda…. Some through coersion, others through corruption. Most R’s are controlled this way. That is why MAGA is so special…. It is the antithesis of the Davos/DNC/ establishment GOP agenda.


Im not cursing or calling people stupid on an internet msg board. Are you?


Do you actually deny a Davos agenda? Does anyone anymore?? You’d have to be a drooling denthead or a normie leftist to still deny it.


I always call him a moron.

Facts be facts

This is a cartoonish view of the world.

They didn’t go there to “get them” to stop the story. They went there and told them about the story so the FBI could do whatever they needed to do with the information, including squash the story.

These are facts.

A cartoonish view of the world is ignoring/pretending the the Davos/WEF agenda is not happening…lol