Durham special counsel mega thread

Apparently lying to the FBI is.

None of the other shit is being charged in this case. But it sure did help Durham break the bullshit attorney client privilege claims.

Wonder if they can charge those folks now for lying about privilege

Speaking of. Today marks the first day Durham gets to see those emails


lol…sure then let’s charge Trump and every Republican for doing the same thing

They issued a special master in those cases to go through the claims.

I don’t believe Durham was ever offered the same now was he. Maybe they will do so when it comes to the other 1500.

I mean Mook, Podesta, and Elias submitted filings stating attorney client privilege.

Maybe if after 3 years of investigation he were competent enough to submit his requests earlier than 8 months AFTER issuing his indictment lol.

And sure when sides disagree over whether something is privileged, once the judge decides if it is or not, arrest everybody on the losing side for “lying” lol

just curious… even if it wasnt illegal

Do you not think there is something wrong with what he did ( your words )

do you think making up stories about Trump and russia and feeding it to the media and law enforcement is OK?

Now i see why you think it’s ok that you LIE on here constantly… completely fabricate stories

there are 2 sides to every story, and politicians spin so their side comes out looking good… I get that.

But this is blatant made up LIES… that you seem to be ok with


Feeding lies to the media is what everyone does all the time. I don’t like it but it’s protected by the First Amendment.

No I am not okay with making up stories and feeding it to law enforcement… but that’s not what happened here, which is why Durham isn’t charging anyone for that. Whoops!

But of course you have no problem with literal Russian agents handing Rudy shit on Hunter Biden to smear Joe and keep their boy Trump in office, and then Rudy and Trump running with that to the DOJ, the State Department, the media, the Ukraine government, etc. Powerpoint presentations on how to steal the election based on lies about bamboo ballots and Venezuelan servers and on and on. Calls to governors and election officials based on those lies.

You’re okay with all that, but if some fuckhead like John Durham makes up claims that he doesn’t back up with actual charges, suddenly “this is blatant made up LIES that you seem to be ok with”

Wait what?? You’re a hypocrite??? Well I never!

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Rudy never lied to the FBI about it.

Easy solution lol

If anyone wants details Jerry will be covering the trail.

I’ll see if inner city Press will be live tweeting as well

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Not only that the lies were critical in obtaining the first FISA warrant.

And the other 3 renewals were deemed invalid lol


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Some side by side action

Some fuckhead like a federal prosecutor?

I guess we will see what he can prove in court

But if there is ZERO evidence or Durham fabricated evidence or made up charges out of thin air then he should also be charged

No one makes up lies except you and the Clinton campaign

you are most likely a hanger on it the clinton orbit. A nobody… obviously because your job is to troll here
But you’re part of the lie machine

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lol…it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to prove that Sussman said what they claim he did in the Sept 19 meeting, since there was no recording and only one witness.

Add in the fact that Baker has changed his story over the years, that the FBI did at some point learn Sussman had a client (and did not charge him for lying), AND that it’s a very plausible assumption that Baker was confusing what Sussman said in his Sept 18 text with what he originally didn’t remember him saying in the Sept 19 meeting…I don’t see how in the living hell ANY jury could be convinced “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Sussman said what they say he said in the Sept 19 meeting. Nevermind the intent and materiality criteria.

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Well for example years ago Durham put out a grossly inappropriate public statement disagreeing with IG Horowitz’s conclusion that the Russia investigation was legitimately predicated and properly opened. Dummies like you got all erect thinking “oh man he’s got all kinds of evidence that the Deep State Obama FBI was trying to frame Trump, this gun b gud”.

And now here we are years later and all he’s got is a minor “process crime” charge against a guy who made a victim out of the heroes at the FBI, and even this one has nothing to do with the opening of the investigation.


Not exactly, since his prosecutor already admitted in court that the “conspiracy” Durham keeps spinning stories about in his filings was not actually doing anything illegal, none of what Durham is alleging will be contested in court.

Again let’s take a time machine back to any moment of the last several years when all you idiots were insisting the corrupt FBI was framing Trump, and Barr and Durham were going to drop bombs on all those traitors. Joseph Mifsud is working with FBI to frame Trump! Strzok and McCabe and Comey are going to jail! Biggest scandal than Watergate, it’s a coup, a coup I tell ya!

3 years later…Durham is going to lose the first case that wasn’t handed to him, a “process crime” that happened 6 years ago and in any case substantiates NONE of the conspiracy theories the right has lived and breathed for the past 6 years.

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You love to make stuff up

Copy paste Clinton

Is that what they told you at the morning meeting

“You’re just trolling” says guy who just dismisses all the facts he doesn’t like as “made up”

I’ll just leave this here for you, it really says everything that needs to be said about the fantasy you lunatics have been foaming at the mouth over for the past 6 years


No that’s just you conflating a statement from the judge saying that the researchers and such haven’t done anything illegal.

Joffe is the one who exploited non public data that was used improperly from govt contracts.

Hence why he and the project fusion people are still targets of the investigation.

If it wasn’t illegal as you like to claim why was Sussman seeking immunity for Joffe or to have the case dismissed lol

Also Durham gave immunity to 2 folks already, Laura Seago and David Dagon.

Copypaste thinks this is the end of everything with Sussman. Ignores danchenko and forgets about additional targets