Durham special counsel mega thread

I’m kind of glad all this is coming out completely outside of the election cycle. It gives the extremely small chance that it might actually get reported and reported accurately…but I’m not holding my breath.

Naw, the NYT article is already trying to cast shade by saying Durham selectively took passages from the emails…then they go ahead and do the same thing from emails probably given to them from the defense team.

It won’t be reported on accurately from MSM they are trying to cast shade and downplay it already.

Only reason they are probably reporting on it is cause of the “trump supporters online” that have been doing the work they should be doing

Media will run cover like stated above combined with ignoring it as much as possible and lying by omission.

Interesting Alfa bank lawsuit against John does about a cyber attack.

It seeks to identify the actors.


I believe this will tie in with Durham

The logs that tea leaves obtained for which the lawsuits alleged was fabricated spoofed data has a very interesting start date.

It started the same day trump became the presumptive nominee on May 4th.

This can have a different take depending on your perspective. You could have believe that this was Russia establishing communication with trump…

Or as Durham indictment seems to allude to was nefarious activity on behalf of someone else.

But knowing that Hillarys team was sharing emails even earlier about the trump swiftboat project and their piepe piper strategy it’s hard to ignore that the Clinton campaign has fingerprintd all over it

More from the filling.

If the allegations are correct there’s some interesting timing

Should be able to get some more information if these things leak…which I hope they do.

Also if I would be recommend a follow on Twitter it’s this guy. Superb analysis. One of the best I’ve seen.

Holy fucking hilarious

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Deposition time!!

Sleuths are tracking joffes history and he has been involved in some prior scams. Seems like a piece of shit somehow worked his way up to important places

Joffe is in fact Max

Now it makes sense why Sameer bhalotra was summoned to be deposed.

Dan Jones was also in contact with tea leaves AKA Jean camp

Sameer Bhalotra most recently served as senior director for cyber security at the White House. In this position he presented strategies to the president regarding the nation’s priority cyber-security initiatives to protect U.S. commerce and critical infrastructure, and he coordinated new federal government technology initiatives and investments. Prior to this, he worked on the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence as technology lead and cyber-security lead.Earlier, Dr. Bhalotra worked to develop new cross-community technology programs in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. He began his government career as an engineer at the Central Intelligence Agency, working on advanced technology projects and subsequently supporting the CIA director. Dr. Bhalotra received an undergraduate degree in chemistry and physics from Harvard University and a doctorate in applied physics from Stanford University.

Full deposition.