Dust 514 (PS3)

Planetary Response Organization (PXRXO) is now accepting recruitment applications on Dust 514. The game will be in open beta soon, but those interested in playing now in the closed beta are able to get access by purchasing the Dust 514 Mercenary Pack on the PSN store for$19.99. Along with access to the closed beta you will receive 40,000 AUR, a 30-day active skill point booster, a couple of nice drop suit blueprints, some weapons, and much more. You must be 21 years of age or older with a working microphone to join PXRXO. Please respond to this thread if you have any questions. You may also contact me on the PSN at: SirManBoy.

Thanks Phone Post

Already have beta key through EVE (thanks CCP!) but haven't got around to downloading Dust.

Dust bunnies are ALREADY affecting EVE sovereignty.

I played for a bit but it felt clunky as hell Phone Post

I mean its a beta so I'm not talking down on it Phone Post

It grew on me. I wasn't loving it at first, but now I'm addicted. It's going to be an amazing game once it officially launches. Phone Post

Squatdog - Already have beta key through EVE (thanks CCP!) but haven't got around to downloading Dust.

Dust bunnies are ALREADY affecting EVE sovereignty.

I haven't seen any infantry yet in the lowsec systems I hang out in yet. Do they have to be contested to a certain level before infantry can start taking planets?

The Faction Warfare thing has been pretty retarded over the last year or so.

CCP repeatedly fucked the whole system up by implementing poorly thought-out changes, the most recent of which resulted in Caldari being at a MASSIVE disadvantge while all the farmers and gankbears flocked to Gallente for free LP and cheap kills.

-To start with, they changed it so that faction kills give LP based on the value of the ship destroyed...except that some LP Store items were worth far more than a flat 1 to 1 value. This led to the Goons rampantly exploiting by chain-killing insured freighters, loading the freighters with over-valued LP items, kllling them again for more LP etc. In the end CCP had to roll back the hundreds of billions that they managed to exploit over the course of a week or so.

-They changed it so that FW sovereignty plexes gave LP, which was good...except that they gave a LOT of LP...and you didn't even have to kill the NPCS! This resulted in Farmville, where every Nullbear fag and local Pie was farming BILLIONS every day by triple-boxing unarmed T1 Incursus alts on week-old characters.

The killboards typically looked something like this:

...while this is what a Caldari player managed in less than a MONTH by quad-boxing Minmatar alts:

-After six months of this bullshit, CCP announced the November patch would completely overhaul the system and make it more equitable. Also, you would actually have to kill the fucking NPCs. Caldari were in a dominant position, with 70 Gallente systems being held at vulnerable, ready to be busted and flipped at the optimal time...except that CCP introduced the patch two weeks early with less than a DAY'S notice! This meant that Caldari had to bust 70+ bunkers with whoever they managed to scrape out of militia chat in the middle of the working week, while being blobbed by Gallente counter-fleets and Pie gangs. When the dust settled, we managed to cap around a dozen, giving us a total of twenty or so compared to Gallente's 70+

The new tier system also meant that Gallente were easily holding Tier 4 (triple LP bonus from plexes), while Caldari were struggling to stay above Tier 1 (-50% PENALTY to LP from plexes!). This meant that most of the major alliances simply left Caldari while two major Gallente alliances cynically returned to farm LP and blob for cheap ganks. With massively one-sided odds, Gallente easily capped all the systems except for the strongholds in Eha, Rakapas/Okkamon and OMS/Ladistar (where I lived).

Gallente simply couldn't break these until one of the alliances (whose idea of 'PVP' generally involves Titan-bridging on small gangs) announced a concerted drive to 'win' faction warfare:


So over the course of a month, Gallente systematically blobbed each system one by one, first setting up a POS for their triple T3 boosts and spare ships then flooding the system with huge numbers 23/7. Any concerted resistance almost invariably resulted in them running away and hiding until they could blob with literally double the numbers.

We kicked the living crap out of them in OMS/Ladi over and over (I got 210 kills in December) but once the blob set up camp it was impossible to do anything but stall the inevitable. We were also treated to the spectacle of these faggots repeatedly refusing to fight with even odds and the last two days were spent with much discussion of how we hoped we'd get an even fight to show how terrible these dickless queers are at PVP:

We finally got it on the last day and they got COMPLETELY fucking slaughtered:


The actual fight was 7 vs. 16 and we killed 18 and only lost 4. Two of us were dual-boxing.

-Once the Gallente flipped Ladi they achieved full system dominance ...for ONE WHOLE DAY. In a bizarre deus ex machina, major Nullsec alliance Ev0ke spontaneouly decided to enter Faction Warfare and evned the numbers. Now Gallente have lost five systems in the space of three days and they're butthurt and crying because they can't blob any more...

I see there is already Dust corps offering their services. Going rate seems to be 100,000,000 per planet. So a 3 planet system flip would cost 300,000,000.

Gallente already have their own Dust corp and they have a intel channel for providing orbital bombardments with destroyers.

Which is great if your main is in Caldari and you like ganking helpless destroyers.

im so lost....i wanna be interested....just too confused

Dust is basically an FPS game with RPG elements that is directly linked to the (extremely brutal and unforgiving) Internet Spacehips MMO, Eve Online.

so basically guys are taking planets over inthe FPS game, and then selling those planets to players of the spaceship mmo? for in-game currency or something?

how is the actual gameplay for the FPS?

I like it a lot, but that's mostly because I play in a big clan that has been together for years in MAG. We still play MAG sometimes but Dust 514 is our main focus. It's great to have the ability to always deploy into matches with people you know who have microphones and know how to play as a team. Phone Post

I think the game feels like a combination of MAG, Warhawk, and Halo. Phone Post

I don't understand their plan with this game. Are they waiting to release it until the new systems are out and no one cares? Seems like a terrible idea to put an ambitious game like this out at the end of a generation.

It will transition to PS4 and exist on PS3 and PS4 simultaneously. Phone Post

Dust 514 went open beta today. Download and play for free. PXRXO is looking for recruits! Phone Post

New promo:

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It will transition to PS4 and exist on PS3 and PS4 simultaneously. Phone Post

Really? A much better idea, then. 

I may have to download it and use my Bluray player for actual games...