Dustin Hazelett Seminar - Columbus,OH (01/21/09)

Columbus MMA presents:

Columbus MMA is proud to have UFC Vet. & BJJ Black Belt Dustin Hazelett teaching a No-Gi/MMA Seminaron Wednesday, January 21st from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

For those that don't know, Dustin is fast becoming one of the stars of the UFC!  His list of accomplishments include a 5-2 record in the UFC, multiple "Submission of the Night" awards in the UFC, and he is one of the youngest Americans ever to awarded a BJJ Black Belt!

Since this is Dustin 1st seminar at Columbus MMA...the cost for this 2-hour seminar is only $25! (Cash Only)
The location of the class will be held at:
Columbus  MMA
3681 Garden Ct.
Grove City, OH 43123


Space is limited, and we only have space for 35 people!!!   Please contact me ASAP to secure your spot! 

Dustin Ware



Dustin Hazelett

 better pic. 



 he should hold a seminar during the weekend of the arnolds




ballet of violence -  he should hold a seminar during the weekend of the arnolds

Yes! He should def do one at the Arnolds.
The Bravo, Randleman workshops at the last Arnolds/UFC 82 was the absolute highlight of the events!!!

But I would suggest doing the smis/workshops at a gym close to the events, but not at the Convention center or hotels! That was the only screwy part of the experience.

The guy running the show for the Arnolds seemed real shady!
Anyway there's my $.02.

TTT for some great semi's

 yeah hopefully naga can get more space this year as well

Me and my crew of guys are coming to the Arnold's this year - we'd love a Dustin "MY GOD THIS DUSTIN HAZELETT" Hazelett seminar.

Dustin's the man, fo sho.

 only 15 spots left for the seminar!


hopefully he's on the fight card for the Columbus PPV.

 10 spots left....

+1 for his gnarly awesome tribute beard