Dustin Poirier says he’ll move up to WW

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Dustin vs Shavkat lets go.

Or even Kelvin.

I don’t get why doesn’t go back to 145, weight cutting is sooo easy.

He walks around anywhere from 185-195 according to himself and Colby

At his age and mileage 145 is not feasible


But but weight cutting is so easy!

Who does Poirier beat in the top 10 at WW? Better off at LW, still a lot of fresh fight night headlining or PPV maincard fights there.

Also Shavkat feels like a bad matchup.


Shavkat gonna be WW champ



I wish he had done this earlier. The fight with Colby was right fucking there. After he beat down Masvidal 50-44 he stood there on the mic and called Dustin a cuck

The build up for that fight would have been epic. Dustin is light years better than Masvidal and I have to assume he would have put up a better fight. I still think Colby wins though


Rakhmonov by sub, but Poirer will have his moments.

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That’s not a good fight for Dustin to take in his WW debut

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Shavkat is a terrible matchup for Poiriers first go at welter. Highly doubt that would happen. Shavkat should be fighting top 3 guys


Shavedkat is as big as some 185ers. Terrible fight for Dustin. I’d bet the farm on Shavedkat by finish.

He makes Khabib look like a 135er.


Dustin gets Dusted by Shav

1st rd

Really wanted to see him Vs Colby.

However Colby is the real WW Champ (or officially soon)
And Poirier does not deserve a WW title shot, especially after getting KO’d hard in the 2nd by an Elite JourneyMan

What’s wrong with being a 135er?

This pic is actually wild considering Khabib is a natural welterweight


What a weak ass call out

Nobody wants to fight him so he’s gotta call out anyone
He can

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I call BS on Dustin moving up. He could have had a money fight against Colby at WW, but backed down

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That was over a year ago now