Dustin Poirier vs Tony Ferguson would be FIREWORKS

With you. Not a lot of guys will line up to fight either. Both highly underrated Phone Post 3.0

Personally I'd like Proirer vs Cruikshank or Chiesa
And Ferguson vs Barboza or raging al Phone Post 3.0

Fergeson should get a top 5 guy

Tony Ferguson va Nate Diaz would be a bar setter for El Cucuy. Nate is a boxer with great submission skills. Exactly the kind of Tony needs to showcase. I think people are looking past how TOUGH Josh Thomson really is. Poirier would get mopped by Ferguson. I think he gets past everyone from 4 to 15 minus Ben Henderson. That dude (Hendo) is NOT to be trifled with. Phone Post 3.0

I thought Ben is done at 155 and staying at 170.

boxing wiz - I thought Ben is done at 155 and staying at 170.
They still have him ranked at 6. I'm guessing he is just about the big money fights at LW. Tony is not a big money fight for him. I would like to see Eddie Alvarez vs Bendo though if El Cucuy doesn't get the nod. Phone Post 3.0

would be a great scrap

I think Ferguson is better just about everywhere.

Bucephalus - I think Ferguson is better just about everywhere.
Better than Bendo? Nah, not really man. Bendo has been to the top of the mountain brother (Hulk Hogan voice). Lmao. Seriously though, Ben is too legit right now for Ferguson. He could take Alvarez but not Bendo. Phone Post 3.0

Sounds good but I'd really like to see Ferguson take a step up in competition. Phone Post 3.0

ferguson to quick for him, easy win

Ferguson's destruction of Josh is a huge statement. Josh is fucking legit and Tony put a thorough beating on him up, down and through every round. It was domination. When Josh was looking for the moral victory of just making it to a decision tells you it was ugly. Tony is a dangerous out for anyone at 155