Dutch banker exposes some crazy shit

This dude is toast. Interesting stuff. Gonna be interesting to see the "conversation" this ignites here. 


I imagine we'll see all the key players participate in this one. Covering all the obvious take-always. Dude is lying. Dude couldn't have been involved for this or that reason. I knew it! I told you so. 

All that and content aside, my bullshit detector doesn't go off with this guy. So he was either actually involved, believes he was involved or went crazy somewhere along the line. 




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Jesus, you are all a bunch of gullible rubes...




Cliffnotes and transcript here.

Basically, that shit in the first season of True Detective was real.


Lol... Damn y'all. Wonder how he plans to make money off this?

if you actually follow the money it is actually true.

i give a few examples you can see for yourself. easily on the currency market.

trump fires missles on syria. gold price goes up. goes down same day to same level as before missles were launched. simple false flag operation if you check out gold.

britisch terrorist attack month ago. check what happened with the brititisch pound.

most news events are made to finnish money patterns.

french election. EUR goes up big way. however there is a gap now on eurgbp for example. how will this be fixed?

now i dont know the future. but i do know that you can check by the impact of events on the currency market what a news item has for effect.

They brought in an expert to analyze the interview, and they could not find anything that it should be lies/fake.

If true... WTF?




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