dutch female judo sensation wins gold.all ippon

in France there are the European judo championchips.

and there is a female who is incredible. she won everything on ippon today. and the final only took her 10 seconds to defeat the nummer second of the world.

her name is Kim Polling. she fights at the -70 kilograms.

this is how she looks


she also has a signature judo move. were she counter a incoming throw which looks a lot like a wrestling move.

she is only 22 years old, but i wonder how she would do in MMA since rhonda rousey does so well.

She beats honda on the ground just put her threw a few cycles and sharper her stand up she un stoppabel Phone Post 3.0

Something like this


yes that youtube video is the final of today with that wrestling kind of move.

video of a match of hers

video from above post


Knowing the way Olympic sports are managed in most European countries, i dont think she'll be interested in mma.

When you are at that level you get pseudo-govt jobs and you do nothing but training and you get a salary.

The UK fully funded Judokas get about £30K

redeye2000 - yes that youtube video is the final of today with that wrestling kind of move.

Ushiro goshi

Sub Phone Post 3.0

Utsuri goshi actually. Awesome technique. Phone Post 3.0

First one was ushiro goshi, second one was utsuri goshi. Phone Post 3.0

she loves her suplex

Thanks for the explanation, i didnt knew it was called Utsur Goshi and Ushuri Goshi. i just thought she had done wrestling before she did judo :)