I tried some of this recently and thought it was quite good.

I've read that many beer experts consider it the best beer in the world.

That sounds like a bit of a stretch. What do you fellas think of it?

Duvel was my favorite beer for a couple years. It ages well, becoming drier and softer on the palate after a few years. Regarded as the classic example of the Belgian Strong Golden Ale and better than any of the other examples of the style that I've tried.

Damnation is way better, imo.

Duvel is great.

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I like Duvel...never tried Damnation.

I like it it a LOT.

But I must admit, I drink the much girlier Lambic. But it tastes to damn good!


Not all lambic is girly beers :P Lindemann's fruit lambics are girly. Most of the other ones are not so much.

Ever had any Cantillon, jonwell?

I'm hesitant to drop $15 on a bottle as the only lambic I've had is Lindeman's.

Unfortunately no, never could justify the cost when I can get 1.5 Speedways for 15 bucks :P

Cantillon is supposed to be the best of the lambic bunch tho.

Lindeman's isn't BAD, it's just kinda toned down (imo). The Cuvee Rene, however, is some good shit.

Drie Fonteinen and Girardin are good lambic brewers too.


Can you suggest some other Lambics?


I've listed the brewers I know. There are more, but I've never had anything from them. Check Ratebeer.com, search for lambic.

Don't overlook Flemish sour ales like Duchesse de Bourgogne either.

Haven't had that one. I DID get a small taster of one of the last Rodenbach Alexanders remaining in the world, which was truly excellent.

And again, in Lindemann's defense, the Cuvee Rene is quite good.

Ya basically.