DVD authoring ?

Hopefully someone has a good answer for this one.

I do a lot of MMA event DVD's and keep running into the same problem. These shows tend to edit down to 1.5 - 2 hours and at Mpeg 2 compression doesn't leave much room to add nice motion menus after including a highlight of the event to the disc. I've had to chop good material out of shows just to make them fit on the disc. Any solutions?

I go with the standard default compression provided by Premiere's Mpeg encoding.

Use a variable compression rate. Compress more during static/low motion scenes, & less during high-activity scenes.

Don't accept a standard rate. Play with different compression settings using little clips so you can learn the differences in compression rates.

If you're not authoring to dual-layer discs, that will make a huge difference.



Thanks, but that sounds like a major hassle - not worth the time.

OK, then:

  1. Use a higher overall compression rate.


  1. Hire someone who knows what they're doing.


djdb, have you done this yourself (using a higher compression rate)? Were you satisfied with the results?

Have you done this in Premiere? Is it common sense/straight forward in choosing the settings?

I guess it's time for me to pick up a book on compressing.

How is reading a book on compression, which will take you weeks
to finish & won't give you much usable information, less of hassle
than taking a 10 second clip & compressing it at different rates,
where you'd learn everything you need to know in less than an

I author DVDs as a part of my living.


I see what you're saying about taking a 10 sec clip and playing with it. I guess if I find a lower rate that is acceptable I can apply it to the entire show. I wouldn't want to try mixing rates though, that's sounds labour intensive.