DVD regional codes????

i bought a billy connolly comedy dvd in scotland....

but it wont play in machines over here.... with the

exception of the dvd player in my pc. this dvd player

has the ability to use different regional codes. Is

there a way to play it on any external dvd players??

or x-box etc ??
thanks in advance.

I bought a CD for my PS2 that updated something, and now I can watch Region1(American) DVDs and Region2 (Europe). Cant remember the name, but it was a cheap commercial product that worked

try the following


that link is only for dvd players in your pc... i want to be able to play it on my external dvd at home.

that link is for external players. Put in your player
type and see if there is a hack for it.

and how do you apply that hack to your player type?

Usually, it is a code of aome type that you type in to the DVD Player using your Remote!

Use DVD Shrink to remove the region code and then burn the files to a new DVD.