DVD ripper question

I am thinking about buying some DVD Ripper software, and would like some recommendations please. 

Plus does this stuff work for copying the majority of videos from rental places or are they encoded with something like macrovision to prevent duplication?

DVDShrink. It's free.

Thanks man.

Dvdshrink doesn't do the decoding, does it? I think you need dvddecrypter as well (also free).


I like to use DVDshrink to rip & compress then save as a .iso with double layer disks. Then use dvddecrypter to burn the .iso. Then just only use dvddecrypter for single layer disks to create a .iso and burn them. Both freeware.

If you have Nero, DVDShrink will do everything from start to finish, including burning. No need for DVD Decrypter unless you want to keep it on your hard drive for some reason (e.g. you're making multiple copies).


Alpo is correct and I have NEVER come across a DVD that Shrink couldnt copy... And I have alot!

Everything is Free!!!!!

so, to burn a dvd movie from blockbuster....i'm guessing you need a double layer dvd burner, because i don't think you can fit a regular dvd movie on a blank dvd you'd buy at best buy or something??? hows that work?

You can buy a dual layer burner but I wouldn't sugget buying the media. Dual layer media is around $10 a disk whereas the DVD+R's I use are $.29. With DVD Shrink (I don't know about others) you can select what you want to copy. Everything, Main Movie, Extras, etc. We usually just copy the main movie and delete the foreign languages. We also go to the Start/End frames and cut off the closing credits. Most movies will have either no compression or very little after that on a single layer disk.

I have found DVDShrink to be an excellent program, though unfortunately, the developer is not going to be making any more changes apart from bug fixes.

A good combination is to use DVD Decryptor with CloneDVD! DVD Decryptor is free and CloneDVD 2 is about $50, unless you look on some of the torrent sites :)


Shrinking = a quality loss, & although people here will argue about whether that quality loss matters, please keep in mind how much other BS people argue about incorrectly here.

Full freeware suite = DVDdecrypter, DVDshrink, DVDfab & imgtool.exe



another recommendation for dvdshrink. super easy to use.

dvdremake is a better splitter than dvdfab, but costs money

great thread, ttt!


I've had my PC for about a year with a DVD burner that I had not used until reading this thread. I had 2 movies that DVDShrink was unable to copy at first. I used DVD Decrypter and then I was able to burn both movies.

DVDshrink and Nero are perfect for my needs.

The quality loss is a complete non-issue for me. By the time I delete all the extra "features", menus, language tracks, subtitles, and trim the video so it starts at the beginning of the movie and ends after the cast credits, most rip at 100% quality anyway. Some as low as 95%, which is still REALLY good. Very few go any lower than that.

But if you're into all the menus and extra features, you'll want to either burn to double-layer disks, or find something that will let you split the content up between two disks. Personally, I couldn't care less about the extras and menus. Menus just delay the start of the movie, IMO.