dvd sale

hi roy,

I just heard about your dvd sale a bit too late at about 12:10am on 12/11

I still ordered and the order came out to 9.95. Am I still good on that price? The order went through.

Hope I didn't "cheat" the system, but I couldn't resist.


Was this the 101 or 201 DVD?
I have the 101 DVD and it's great.

My wife asked me if I decided what I wanted for Xmas, so I was surfing the web and somehow was guided to the site and saw the one-day sale.

Already have the BJJ101 series on VHS...But $9.95 for the DVD format? That's insane! Just like the electronics TV ad where the guy screams about his low prices, "I'm Crazy Gideon!"...."I'm Crazy Roy?"

Ordered both 101 v.1 & 201 on DVD yesterday for my Christmas present- God Bless you Roy! Your teaching methods and generosity are awesome.

Damn!!! Was this sale announced?

Now imagine me, lol. I saw it for the first time today. Damn, what with our weak currency it would have been most welcome.

he told us that read his site the sale was coming

Oh the agony!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

My Xmas DVD's came in the mail recently and even thought I already know what they are, the anticipation of opening them on Christmas is on my mind 24/7. Merry Christmas to all!