Dwight Qawi

I was browsing another forum and someone brought up a hypothetical match of Dwight Braxton (Qawi) and Eddie Machen. I don't hear much about Dwight, but he seems to have been a very good fighter considering his limitations ie; very short, no amateur experience. Anyway I was wondering what some of you more knowledgeable guys like martin, joe ray, and e kayo thought of him and his style?

Odd fantasy matchup. Braxton (Qawi) was a midget of a light heavyweight who later went on and competed at both cruiserweight and heavyweight as well. Qawi was very physically strong and aggressive and gave both Michael Spinks and Evander Holyfield hell. Machen by comparison was an undersized heavyweight who fought a whose who of the heavyweight and light heavyweight division in the 1950s and 60s. Machen was a fairly crafty guy who lost a number of fights, but managed to beat Doug Jones, Joey Maxim and Nino Valdez and held a prime time Cleveland Williams to a draw.

Braxton might have had some success in the later rounds by applying pressure, but I think that Maxim would have probably boxed his way to a fairly safe decison victory,

Thanks for the info guys.

What I find interesting is that I have never really heard of Dwights name brought up when someone is asking how to box a bigger man.

What also made me think about Dwight was Martin said recently that there wasn't anyone that knew how to fight on the inside anymore. Watching Dwights fight with Saad Mohammed and Leon spinks was very interesting. Dwight used his jab very consistently and once he got close he would throw and then use head movement or footwork to get out of danger.

Or am I way off base, and Dwight was just a volume puncher and not really good at infighting?

Thanks for the info martin. When your talking about Qawi slipping the jab and running the opposition into a right hand; would a good example of that be how Qawi stunned Matthew Saad Muhammad towards the second round of their first fight? <br /><br />Speaking of Saad I heard that he is homeless now, anyone know what Qawi's life turned out like?

 he was working as a counselor a couple of years ago. qawi was a very good fighter. i think like griffin did he would have gave roy jones trouble at 175

"The Camden Buzzsaw"... Not a bad nickname. The first Qawi-Holyfield fight is one of my all-time favorites. Qawi also lured Foreman into a right hand that rocked him during Big George's second career.