Dwyane Wade is friggin NUTS!!!!!!!

Holy crap!!!! Anybody watching these crazy shots he's been making???? ridiculous stuff!!!!! He's getting some HUGE playoff experience!! Fuck Lebron and Melo!!! lol

The Hedgehog made Wade!!!

LOL!! Man, it's too bad the Heat couldn't pull this one out.

I hadn't seen a whole lot of him but he was pullin some sick spin moves tonight makin unbelievable shots. And props to the Heat, I was hopin they'd pull it out tonight as well, they played great in the playoffs

Cause Ron Jeremy can't fucking coach!

LOL Same shit all the guys on espn were saying, but I don't respect those fags like I once did, they're all retarded now imo. ;)

50% of his shots during the regular season were in the paint. That's the highest number of any guard in the league. His effective field goal% on jumpers was somewhat crappy at .371.

Like many others have said, when his jumper gets better he's going to be unstoppable.

How much tougher would Detroit be if they chose Wade (or Carmelo) instead of Darko?

Would he replace Tayshaun Prince??


I don't think he can defend like Tayshaun but he'd definitely be a good boost on offense.

Detroit would've been better off with Carmelo. He's a scorer and he fills the 3 spot. He can't defend like Prince, but he is definately a better scorer.

I don't Wade and Billups could co-exist, their roles are too similar.

Wade was awesome...He reminds me of a young jordan..
He has the hops, explosiveness, and the natural ability too create seperation from the defender.