Dying gunshot that saved Truman

Steve Sailer's latest column at http://www.vdare.com/sailer/060108_gunfight.htm contains this fascinating tidbit:

From opposite directions, they simultaneously approached
the policemen on the sidewalk in front of the
Presidential residence and shot them point blank, with

putting three slugs in White House
Policeman Leslie Coffelt, mortally wounding him. Torresola, an expert shot, then wounded two more guards, while his less skilled compatriot

blasted away at the Secret Service agents at
the other end of the sidewalk, who remained unaware of
Torresalo's existence. Meanwhile, the agent inside Blair
House struggled to unlock the cabinet holding a Tommy

Awoken from his nap by gunfire, President Truman walked
to his second floor window and stood looking out at the
gunfight in stunned amazement,
only 30 feet from
where Torresola was reloading his


In this crisis, Coffelt, the only American in position
to stop Torresola, stood up despite the three

9-mm rounds
in him, staggered to within 20 feet of
the terrorist, and, in "what has to be considered the
most important shot ever taken by an American police
fired one perfectly aimed bullet into his
head, killing Torresola instantly.

Coffelt then sat down and died.

thanks for this, buddhadev.

Thats like poetry